London Theatre Trip

This wasn’t a planned trip to go and see a show in London. It started as a possible week-long Oracle training course. I got authorisation from my boss too late to have booked any tickets and was wondering what shows I could see when a friend told me about a ticket booth that sold discount tickets for different shows. I’ve wanted to see We Will Rock You and Mamma Mia! for ages so I took the chance that this booth might have some tickets.

The tkts ticket booth ( formerly the Half Price Ticket Booth ) is on the south side of Leicester Square. I needed directions because all I got told was that it’s in Leicester Square. When I asked someone, their exact words were “It’s where all the queues are!” but it’s easy to find as it’s the only building in the square – the fountain doesn’t count – rather than around the edge. The booth is open 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 12noon to 3pm on Sundays.

There are electronic notice boards listing details of the shows for which tickets are available. Matinee and Evening shows are sold from different windows so make sure you join the right queue. There are signs above each of the windows. When I was there, there weren’t as many people queueing as I was led to believe but this was on a Tuesday evening. It’s probably very different at the weekend.

They didn’t have any tickets for Mamma Mia!. Apparently, discount tickets for that show aren’t generally available during the summer months and are quite rare at other times.

They did have tickets for We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road. It wasn’t the best seat in the house but then again I bought it an hour before the show was due to start and tickets from the booth are sold strictly in front-to-back order. I was in the circle behind the aisle which gave me a perfectly unobstructed view.

The show was FANTASTIC!! In no time at all, it was the interlude. There’s a game you can play during the show of spot-the-lyric. Many of the spoken lines are from well-known songs and not just Queen songs either. There’s also a lot of adult humour too. You can tell Ben Elton had a hand in writing it. There’s a pop at the trend in reality TV shows, primarily Big Brother.

From very early on, everyone in the audience was singing along with the songs, clapping and cheering at the humour. After a while, I wanted to stand but the few times we did, not very many people joined in so I guess it’s not the done thing in London. The story ends well and, with 1 exception, all the big Queen songs are in there somewhere. I’m not going to tell you what it is but it’s referred to a lot during the show but never sung… Until the encore. There were many calls for an encore and when it came, the audience went crazy. It gave me goose bumps.

For several minutes after the curtain finally went down, we were still calling for more but, sadly, it never came. Even so, I left the theatre on a real high which lasted most of the week. If you get the chance to see We Will Rock You, if you’re a Queen fan, you’d be a fool not to. If you’re not a fan, I think you’re in a minority but I think you’d still enjoy the show. Trust me.

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