First Munros in Scotland

Although I’d been to Scotland many times before, I’d never been north of Edinburgh until recently.  We stayed in Loch Ossian hostel not far from Corrour Station; it’s about a mile down a well used farm track.

Arriving on Friday afternoon, we ate in Corrour Station House hostel; in fact we had all our meals there.  Loch Ossian hostel is entirely self catering where as Corrour Station House hostel does fantastic food, serves alcohol and is the most relaxing little coffee shop without all the pretentious crap of city coffee shops.  Think Central Perk in the middle of nowhere.  It also has very comfy leather sofa and chairs; that’s where we parked when it was wet and miserable outside.

On Saturday, we took on Carn Dearg (941m) and Sgor Gaibhre (955m).  It was quite calm in the lee of the slopes but very windy on the tops.  The top of Sgor Gaibhre was a white out with visibility down to less than 50 metres.   The paths are indistinct in places but going off-path to do some navigating was all good practice for us.

The weather lifted in the late afternoon and it was a fantastic evening as the sun was going down.  That seems to be the trend.

On Sunday, we walked through the forest on the slopes of Beinn na Lap.  This turned out to be the best bit of the weekend.   In the words of my companion “It’s great being on a walk where we’ve seen more deer than people.”


Aqua Sphereing

What do you buy someone who enjoys life to the max.?  The answer is an experience day.  Be it driving a super car, a helicopter flight or perhaps something more sedate like a day at a spa.  Long after the day is over, they will still be talking about it to their friends.

For her birthday, I bought my girlfriend an Aqua Sphereing experience.  Basically, you climb inside a large inflatable ball with about 60 litres of water, plug the hole and get pushed off down a hill.  The “ride” lasts about 30 seconds and is described as like being inside a washing machine.

It looks fantastic fun.  Kids as young as 7 can enjoy the thrill.  Unfortunately those with neck or back problems can’t but if you’re looking for “something different” to buy someone as a gift, I can thoroughly recommend it.