Photocamp Bradford 2010

October saw the 5th Photocamp Bradford unconference at the National Media Museum and Impressions Gallery. The event, organised by Exposure Leeds, has become a significant calendar entry for many West Yorkshire photographers and indeed for others based in the surrounding regions.

An “unconference” has many similarities to a typical conference except that the content is delivered by delegates willing to facilitate a session. Ideas and requests for content are canvassed in the preceding weeks and months.

On Saturday morning, Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin delivered the keynote address. A wide variety of sessions followed throughout the day, e.g. macro photography, personal photography projects, wedding photography, and lots more besides. The end result was over a hundred excited and motivated photographers moving between sessions, deep in animated conversations.

Sunday started with a photo walk around Bradford city centre. The remainder of the day was hosted by Impressions Gallery where the fundamental principle was creativity. Aside from the usual session of photography using props, three pairs of briefs were set. Delegates were challenged to choose 1 brief from each pair and create 1 or more images as per that brief. Thinking outside of the box was absolutely encouraged and the results can be seen at the links below…

1. City as Landscape
2. Urban Portrait
3. Textures and Details of Bradford
4. Abstracted Portrait
5. Still Life

Another fantastic event organised by Exposure Leeds!  Many thanks to Jon and Anne for making the event such a success.
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