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We’re all Closet Meteorologists at Heart

The first weather warning of snow in the area for this winter season has been given. That really does fill me with dread. Don’t get me wrong, snow on the hills is brilliant! I got some fantastic photos during the cold snap last year and it turned everyday walks into expeditions.

However, I’ve got a rear-wheel drive car (a Merc CLC 200) and it’s rubbish in the snow! Driving it last winter was an exciting experience to say the least. It didn’t move for about 3 weeks while there was snow on the ground. When it was moving, there was far too much wheel spin for my liking. It felt like the traction control warning light was never off.

In some areas of some European countries, drivers are legally obliged to switch to winter tyres around November time. In the UK, snow is far from guaranteed each year (except maybe the far north of Scotland) and even when it is around, there isn’t usually enough of it for long enough to call for a whole new set of tyres.

The gauling thing is, I traded in a perfectly good 4×4 with permanent 4-wheel drive for something I really wanted at the time but now can’t wait to get rid of.

I’m not a fan of global warming, far from it; I think it’s a major problem and it has definitely left its mark on the 1st decade of the 21st century. However, at the moment in the UK, we’re in a bit of limbo where, generally speaking, the summers aren’t as warm as they used to be and the winters aren’t as cold; apart from these crazy spikes in either direction from time-to-time.

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