Invites and Dresses

Well, time’s marching on as predicted but there’s still loads of time until July, right?

The invitations are just about ready. There’s still 1 or 2 little niggles to fix on the latest proof. The wording is such that the evening invite only needs a couple of words changing. They will need to be kept separate though just to avoid an embarrassing mix up.

Vicky’s calendar is starting to fill up with appointments for hair trials and dress fittings. The bridesmaids’ dresses have been chosen and ordered. From the brochure, it’s strange (at least to me) what passes for a bridesmaid’s dress these days. Not only are there some unusual cuts but there are also some surprising colour combinations.

We ordered the wedding cake at the weekend so that’s another tick in the box. And we left the place without scoffing a load of the hand-made sweeties they make in the process.

The dates have been fixed for the stag and hen parties. I was in trouble with my best man’s wife because the stag do was scheduled to be on their wedding anniversary. But then I also got told by a new bride that anniversaries don’t matter. Is it any wonder us men get it so wrong with all these mixed messages?


Customer Service Should Be King Surely?

In today’s challenging economic conditions, I would have thought that keeping your new customers happy would be a top priority for many businesses. Even more so when you’re a relatively small independent predominately online retailer. That’s not the approach Abode seem to have.

  • It took them two weeks to respond to the original e-mail about the damaged mirror; if you’ve had a busier time selling stuff in the run up to Christmas, you can also expect a busier time after Christmas with returns, etc.
  • They were happy to let me phone them over & over again & again and do all the chasing; very few of the phone calls were initiated by them.
  • They insisted I pay for a second mirror before organising a replacement for the first; anyone know of anywhere else that has the same policy because it’s a new one on me?
  • Having agreed a time slot for a swap, they didn’t bother to tell me that their courier couldn’t make the slot; they missed a 2nd slot a couple of days later.  I had stayed home for both.
  • At this stage, they offered to let me chase their courier for them!  Erm, I don’t work for Abode; you sort it out.
  • When the courier did eventually turn up, he delivered the replacement mirror to the wrong house; 2 doors up!  Yet another phone call.
  • Having finally got a replacement mirror, I then had to chase them to refund the money for it.  You’ve had my money long enough; now give it back!

All-in-all, a very needlessly frustrating experience.  If you do have any dealings with them, Amanda seems to have some nounce about her but Michelle…  And so, if I can discourage just one potential customer from buying from Abode, I will have achieved what I set out to do by writing this post.