Customer Service Should Be King Surely?

In today’s challenging economic conditions, I would have thought that keeping your new customers happy would be a top priority for many businesses. Even more so when you’re a relatively small independent predominately online retailer. That’s not the approach Abode seem to have.

  • It took them two weeks to respond to the original e-mail about the damaged mirror; if you’ve had a busier time selling stuff in the run up to Christmas, you can also expect a busier time after Christmas with returns, etc.
  • They were happy to let me phone them over & over again & again and do all the chasing; very few of the phone calls were initiated by them.
  • They insisted I pay for a second mirror before organising a replacement for the first; anyone know of anywhere else that has the same policy because it’s a new one on me?
  • Having agreed a time slot for a swap, they didn’t bother to tell me that their courier couldn’t make the slot; they missed a 2nd slot a couple of days later.  I had stayed home for both.
  • At this stage, they offered to let me chase their courier for them!  Erm, I don’t work for Abode; you sort it out.
  • When the courier did eventually turn up, he delivered the replacement mirror to the wrong house; 2 doors up!  Yet another phone call.
  • Having finally got a replacement mirror, I then had to chase them to refund the money for it.  You’ve had my money long enough; now give it back!

All-in-all, a very needlessly frustrating experience.  If you do have any dealings with them, Amanda seems to have some nounce about her but Michelle…  And so, if I can discourage just one potential customer from buying from Abode, I will have achieved what I set out to do by writing this post.

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