Summary of Use Cases

High Level Description

  1. Description of steps or actions between a user (or actor) and a system which leads to achieving something useful;
  2. User or actor can be a person or another system interacting through an interface; &
  3. Use cases treat the system as a black box, concentrating on what must be done rather than how thus avoiding any implementation-specific language.


  1. Identify features (system requirements) to implement; &
  2. Capture functional requirements.


  1. Focus on how to achieve a goal or a task without giving any consideration to implementation;
  2. Multiple Use Cases will be needed to thoroughly define the scope; &
  3. Project formality and current stage will influence the level of detail included in each.


  1. Requires some form of interaction so does not consider non-functional requirements, e.g. performance; &
  2. Not a complete answer by itself, Use Cases are 1 viewpoint and should be combined with other analysis & design tools to drive out a holistic product.

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