Walking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks for Charity

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks is not a challenge walk you can decide to do on the spur of the moment. It’s over 23 miles containing a wide variety of terrain and 1,600 metres of ascent. Many people can cope with 1 or other of these factors in isolation but the real challenge is the combination of both together. Preparation and training are key.

Our last training session before the charity walk went well on the whole. We had a cloudy start; rain threatened but never came to anything; the sun even came out for a while which made it a very pleasant November day. However, it wasn’t perfect.

The first hiccup was that I forgot to pack forks for the pasta, tuna and sweetcorn salad which was a significant portion of our lunch. A rather plain membership card stepped in and, with a bit of imagination, emulated a spoon.

However, pasta just wasn’t meant to be on the menu that particular day. It’s also a perfect example of why men don’t multi-task. Or at least not very well. Near enough the full box slid off my lap and landed upside down on the ground. The 5 second rule wasn’t a consideration even though the pasta was in a relatively neat heap because of what else was lying at our feet. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

We still had enough spare food with us to finish the route (15+ miles in just under 6 hours) but this is a perfect example (albeit relatively insignificant) of how things can and do go wrong even with the best preparation.

I’m doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge this coming weekend in aid of the Cave Rescue Organisation.

Please give generously!

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