Photography Walking

Flooding in Airedale

It started raining on the Sunday and, apart from brief intervals, didn’t really stop until the following Thursday. In the years I’ve lived overlooking the Aire valley, I’ve never seen it flood so quickly.

Airedale in Flood

It wasn’t until the Saturday that I could take advantage of such a, sadly more frequent and, “different” photowalk.

Up close, what surprised me was that levees have been built that prevent the flood water from draining away as quick as it might. There’s only 2 reasons I can think for this:

  1. To prevent the run-off simply draining into the Aire without soaking into the ground first; &
  2. To prevent flooding happening further down the valley in urban areas.

House building is already a contentious issue in the Aire valley; There’s a proposal to build even more houses on land that floods regularly. Anyone who buys one of them should prepare for their boundary fences to look like this…


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