Bubbles in Slow Motion


Today’s Achievements

Connor’s had a balance bike for ages but this is only a brief clip of what he managed on his 2nd go on a push bike. All told, he did laps of the skate park for about 20 minutes.

Full disclosure, he did come off early on but fair play, straight back on and away again.


He’s also been going to Clip n’ Climb Ilkley on and off for a while where they do a full on safety briefing, proper harness, and auto belaying. He rocks up to this climbing frame…

Fix for Upgrading to iOS 11.3 Resulting in Weak WiFi Security

My fix was to reset the device’s network settings (but I fear it may not work for all hardware versions).

After upgrading and reconnecting to WiFi after the mandatory reboot, all my Apple devices insisted on using the WEP protocol – whose security has been broken for some time.

Lots of things I tried didn’t work…

  1. Turning WiFi off and on again – off-&-on-again isn’t always the answer; who knew?
  2. Airplane mode;
  3. Forgetting the network; &
  4. Hard reboots – of both devices and router.

Eventually, I twigged that under Settings -> General -> Reset, there’s a Reset Network Settings option. You are prompted for confirmation and your PIN. The device will reboot and, once restarted, you’ll need to select your WiFi SSID re-enter your password.

A small price to pay for privacy!