Deep Dive on Microservice Architectures

I’ve had some spare time recently so I’ve been through this material as a revision exercise.

YouTube Playlist…

…is here.




Deep Dive on Stakeholder Management

This is a log of the online content I’ve been through during this revision exercise.

Fix for Upgrading to iOS 11.3 Resulting in Weak WiFi Security

My fix was to reset the device’s network settings (but I fear it may not work for all hardware versions).

After upgrading and reconnecting to WiFi after the mandatory reboot, all my Apple devices insisted on using the WEP protocol – whose security has been broken for some time.

Lots of things I tried didn’t work…

  1. Turning WiFi off and on again – off-&-on-again isn’t always the answer; who knew?
  2. Airplane mode;
  3. Forgetting the network; &
  4. Hard reboots – of both devices and router.

Eventually, I twigged that under Settings -> General -> Reset, there’s a Reset Network Settings option. You are prompted for confirmation and your PIN. The device will reboot and, once restarted, you’ll need to select your WiFi SSID re-enter your password.

A small price to pay for privacy!

Johari Window


(known to self and others)

friendly, intelligent, knowledgeable, responsive

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

calm, cheerful, clever, confident, dignified, helpful, idealistic, independent, logical, mature, observant, self-assertive, self-conscious, trustworthy


(known only to self)

organised, sensible


(known to nobody)

able, accepting, adaptable, bold, brave, caring, complex, dependable, energetic, extroverted, giving, happy, ingenious, introverted, kind, loving, modest, nervous, patient, powerful, proud, quiet, reflective, relaxed, religious, searching, sentimental, shy, silly, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense, warm, wise, witty

Dominant Traits

57% of people think of me as helpful
85% of people agree that I am knowledgeable
71% of people think of me as logical

All Percentages

able (0%) accepting (0%) adaptable (0%) bold (0%) brave (0%) calm (14%) caring (0%) cheerful (14%) clever (14%) complex (0%) confident (28%) dependable (0%) dignified (14%) energetic (0%) extroverted (0%) friendly (42%) giving (0%) happy (0%) helpful (57%) idealistic (28%) independent (14%) ingenious (0%) intelligent (28%) introverted (0%) kind (0%) knowledgeable (85%) logical (71%) loving (0%) mature (14%) modest (0%) nervous (0%) observant (42%) organised (0%) patient (0%) powerful (0%) proud (0%) quiet (0%) reflective (0%) relaxed (0%) religious (0%) responsive (28%) searching (0%) self-assertive (14%) self-conscious (14%) sensible (0%) sentimental (0%) shy (0%) silly (0%) spontaneous (0%) sympathetic (0%) tense (0%) trustworthy (28%) warm (0%) wise (0%) witty (0%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 3.4.2017, using data from 7 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window.

Become a Better Listener

One of my professional development goals is to become a better listener (I’m guilty of jumping in with answers far too quickly) so this post will become a log of all the material I’m using to achieve that goal.

  1. Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high – I need to read it again but my key take away from the 1st pass is to create a safe space when discussing difficult topics;
  2. Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals – “nature abhors a vacuum”?  Maybe so but in conversation, it can work to your advantage;
  3. The 7 Things Great Listeners Do Differently – a mix of common sense & good manners. No earth shattering revelations here;
  4. Project Management Coaching – Michael Nir;
  5. It has been said that we have been given two ears and only one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we talk. Listening is an art form, and asking questions is a tool to active listening. Yet, asking a question, without listening to the answer, is one of the fastest ways of showing a team that you don’t care about them. Good questions have to be followed up by attentive listening.

  6. Tuning In: Improving Your Listening Skills;
  7. Become a Better Listener by Responding, Not Reacting;
  8. Become a Better Listener by Following These Five Rules

Agile Book Recommendations

A collection of easy to read books on Agile…