What Motivates Us?

For me, it’s about learning.  People never stop learning.  There’s even a phrase… “…learnt something new today!”

So when the presenter in the animation talks about Atlassian‘s “Free-for-All Thursdays”, I bet everyone who has watched this nodded their head in agreement at that point.  Being given the time and freedom to explore a topic of interest, at least for Atlassian it seems, is delivering tangible results.

In business, there has always been a background “pressure” to do more and more with the same resources or less.  That pressure is pushing its way to the front in the current climate and whatever (little) freedoms people have had in the past, I think, are being eroded.

My argument is for allowing some slack for research and (personal?) development in everyone’s work schedule.  As with Atlassian, that freedom also comes with the responsibility to feedback the benefit derived from it.  However, I think the results would be surprising in whatever scenario it was used.