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Spring has Sprung!

So December has mostly been full of this…


…and this…

Ready to Wrap

But there is also some of this going on…

Spring has sprung!

I spent a day in the garden over Christmas, cleaning up all the dead stuff, pruning, etc.  Underneath some of last year’s dead foliage, I came across these shoots.  They added a vibrant colour to the area and completely changed the colour temperature.

In other gardening-related news, the composting we started a couple of years back is beginning to give results.  I dug some out from the bottom of the bin through the access panel and riddled it as there was still some that hadn’t broken down fully.  The resulting soil looks top quality and the “too big” stuff went back in the top of the bin.


Getting into Composting

We generate a LOT of biodegradable waste in our house. We eat a ton of fruit and vegetables, drink gallons of tea and have old paperwork coming out our ears. And that’s just from inside the house; there’s the garden waste on top of that.

We recycle what we can. We have a paper bin with a box-insert for cans and glass. We also have some large hessian bags for green waste. They are collected once a month on alternate fortnights; so for example, paper and glass are collected this week and green waste in two weeks time. As a result, the hessian bags get rather smelly in all but the coldest of weather. At the exact same time as when there’s none of the smelly stuff to collect.  Recycling plastics just isn’t on the local council’s agenda but we have found a collection point near our local Sainsbury’s. So, there’s a plastic sack in the garage waiting to go there.

Even so, our normal household waste bin, collected weekly, gets far too full for my liking.

So we’ve bought a compost bin.  We’ve only had it a couple of weeks and it’s already half full; although I did “do the garden” last weekend.  I know that as some point I need to start adding compost maker but I’m little way off that yet I think.