Time to Pay the Ferryman

We’ve made another concerted effort this week to finalise details for the wedding. There were too many distractions at home so we took a handful of paperwork to the pub and worked through it there. By the end of the evening, we were both shattered but on the upside, we were also fed and watered. Task & Reward!!!

The reason for this concerted effort is we’re starting a period of “paying the ferryman”. We’ve let the venue know final numbers, etc. and there’s an invoice on it’s way. The flowers, photographs, wedding car and a number of other things are all to be paid for in the four weeks before the wedding.

Vicky’s had her hen do. They went to Harrogate at the weekend. From the stories I’ve heard, it was a success; everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Not seen any photos yet though… My stag do is arranged but still to happen.

Us boys had a fitting for highland wear from Slaters. That was just hard work, far more taxing than it needed to be. Best bit: no inside leg measurement needed.

I’ve been reading through my speech time and again to get comfortable with each of the messages and the words I’ll be using to convey them. I’ve been dared to include a specific phrase so I’m working that in.

The wedding rings have arrived back in the jewellers. Mine had to be resized up; it must’ve been a cold day on the first visit or a warm day on the second.


Getting into Composting

We generate a LOT of biodegradable waste in our house. We eat a ton of fruit and vegetables, drink gallons of tea and have old paperwork coming out our ears. And that’s just from inside the house; there’s the garden waste on top of that.

We recycle what we can. We have a paper bin with a box-insert for cans and glass. We also have some large hessian bags for green waste. They are collected once a month on alternate fortnights; so for example, paper and glass are collected this week and green waste in two weeks time. As a result, the hessian bags get rather smelly in all but the coldest of weather. At the exact same time as when there’s none of the smelly stuff to collect.  Recycling plastics just isn’t on the local council’s agenda but we have found a collection point near our local Sainsbury’s. So, there’s a plastic sack in the garage waiting to go there.

Even so, our normal household waste bin, collected weekly, gets far too full for my liking.

So we’ve bought a compost bin.  We’ve only had it a couple of weeks and it’s already half full; although I did “do the garden” last weekend.  I know that as some point I need to start adding compost maker but I’m little way off that yet I think.